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Kazakh-UK joint projects in aerospace discussed in Portsmouth


From 20 to 22 September, the city of Portsmouth hosted a session of the 'Galam' LLP Supervisory Council, which was established by the Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary National Company and Airbus Defense and Space (ADS). The Kazakh delegation was led by Mr Marat Nurguzhin, Vice-Minister of Defence and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan.

The parties discussed agreements reached across two strategic projects: 'Creation of an assembly and testing complex of space vehicles' and 'Creation of the Earth remote exploring system'.

To date, two space vehicles have been created and launched as part of the 'Creation of the Earth remote exploring system' project. One of these was assembled by Surrey Satellite Technology LTD (SSTL), a Guildford-based affiliate company of ADS.

During their visit to SSTL, the Kazakh delegation learnt about the process of building the third satellite for the Earth remote exploring satellite, as well as the prospects of its sequential integration into the SSTL orbital grouping. The satellite is assembled together with Kazakh specialists who are taking training courses at SSTL.

Kazakh Ambassador to the UK, Mr Erlan Idrissov, stressed the benefits of cooperating with companies like ADS, particularly in developing Kazakhstan's scientific and technical expertise and potential.

The Ambassador said that it is a highly worthwhile experience for young Kazakh aerospace specialists to study at the University of Surry Bolashak' programme. He added that the university is a UK leader in the field of aerospace, exemplified by the fact that it is home to such successful companies as Surrey Satellite Technology LTD.