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Kazakh-British Young Professionals mark Nauryz New Year Day


The Central Asian restaurant Yurt-Café in London hosted an event to mark Nauryz New Year Day. The party was organised by young Kazakhstani professionals, who work in the UK across different areas. The participants of the event dedicated to Nauryz spring equinox, included Kazakh students, studying at UK universities, representatives of Kazakh diaspora, members of the staff of the Kazakhstan Embassy in UK and others.

Ambassador Erlan Idrissov, who was present at the event, congratulated the guests on Nauryz New Year Day and wished everyone health, welfare and every success in the new year.

‘The Embassy of Kazakhstan is our common home and we are ready by any available means to support the initiatives aimed at strengthening collaboration and co-operation of all Kazakhstan citizens’, - Ambassador Idrissov said.

The Kazakh–British young professionals performed national and contemporary songs, as well as Kazakh folklore symphonic “kuys” of well-known composers. In addition, the guests were offered the Kazakh national foods.