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London hosts International Conference 'Kazakhstan Oil and Gas. Exploration, Production and Trading Opportunities'


The Conference was supported by the Ministry of energy of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan’s Embassy in the UK, as well as Confidence Capital and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. It was attended by heads of British companies, officials of the EBRD, and top oil and gas experts.

The Forum started with a statement by Mr. Asset Magauov, Kazakhstan’s Deputy Minister of Energy, who has briefed the participants of the Conference on status and future prospects for the oil and gas sector in Kazakhstan.

The event followed by a speech by Mrs. Ainur Karbozova, the Counsellor on Investments, Technologies and Trade of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the UK, on current status of the Kazakhstan-UK trade and investment co-operation, as well as investment climate of Kazakhstan.

The speakers also included Mr. Ashley Sherman, Analyst for the Caspian Region, Wood McKenzie, Ms. Aida Sitdikova, Director, Energy & Natural resources, Russia, Caucasus & Central Asia, the EBRD, Ms. Aizada Akkaisiyeva, Financial Director, Kazmortransflot and others.

The Conference focused on current status and future prospects of oil and gas projects in Kazakhstan, the impact of the price crash on Kazakhstan’s production and the service industry, new projects and licensing prospects.

A special attention of the participants of the Conference was paid to the programmes for development of transportation infrastructure of Kazakhstan, as well as investment climate for oil and gas exploration and production and its legal aspects.